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Yin and Yang of Alliancing - Our Approach

In Asian philosophy, the concept of YIN YANG is used to describe how polar opposites or seemingly contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world, and how they give rise to each other in turn. Many natural dualities – dark and light, female and male, cold and hot are thought of as manifestations of yin and yang.


Yin Yang are not opposing forces (dualities), but complementary opposites that interact within a great whole, as part of a dynamic system. Everything has both yin and yang aspects and cannot exist without each other. This is the same as the model of ‘pure’ alliancing that PTP advise their clients to pursue.

Realising the full potential of a project organisation, in its quest for peak performance, requires identifying and systematically eliminating the interference that traditionally prevents the project organisation from reaching its true potential. Building on our alliance experience, we have concluded that, in the first instance adapting an alliance contract does eliminate a significant part of the interference by removing commercial misalignment caused by the traditional contract.


However, on its own this is not enough to deliver peak performance. The alliance contract does not have a strong enough influence on human behaviour. This influence needs to come from real leadership. The leadership challenge is to understand and manage the complex array of individual human drivers – thoughts, feelings, beliefs, assumptions, needs, sense of identity and purpose.

If alliances just focus on the legal agreement but ignore leadership, they can create the right commercial environment but fail to exploit it. There will be sub-optimal performance. By contrast, if the project tries to focus on leadership without the alliance contract, the contractual obstacles are likely to prevent the project organisation from operating near its full potential.


The full potential of the project organisation can only be mobilised by a strategy that effectively combines both – in effect a balance of YIN and YANG.


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