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By ptpassociates, Dec 16 2014 02:17PM

Stage 4 of GNGE Phase 2 works was handed back to the route at 07:16 on the 15th of December, bringing with it the completion of works and testing of the Railway between Peterborough (Werrington Junction) and Doncaster (Decoy North Junction) via Spalding, Sleaford, Lincoln and Gainsborough.

This monumental undertaking has brought significant challenges over the past few years and, as is often the case with these things, comes down to a signature on a piece of paper.

This signature has been applied and the route is now back under operational control.

The Project has delivered:

25km of earthworks

38 new bridges

75km fencing

56 ends of new S&C

83km of track renewals

70km re-railing

35 new level crossings,

90 miles of Resignalling

Congrats with all involved at GNGE from PTP, keep up the good work!

By ptpassociates, Dec 4 2014 11:54AM

The UK Goverment produce many best practice papers to try and improve all areas of work within the UK. The recently published Infrastructure Client Group paper entitled "Alliancing Best Practice in Infrastructure Delivery" is aimed at improving infrastructure delivery within the UK.

Infrastructure UK (IUK)’s Cost Review Report 2010 identified the opportunity to improve infrastructure

delivery. It set a target to remove wastage and make efficiency savings of at least 15 per cent by 2015 across

public and private sector infrastructure delivery. The government’s Construction 2025 Strategy goes further,

setting a target of lowering costs by 30 per cent and reducing time by 50 per cent.

The government, through IUK, continues to work with industry to drive improved productivity and remove

wastage in the delivery of infrastructure investment. These measures are providing better value for money for

taxpayers and consumers. Across public and private sectors, these combined efforts are starting to yield success.

However, there is no room for complacency. There is still much to be done to match the levels of efficiency and productivity seen in some other sectors.

The Infrastructure Client Group is demonstrating the value of effective collaboration between government

and industry to support the development and exchange of best practice and delivery improvement. Initially

brought together by IUK to support the Infrastructure Cost Review work, the membership of this group is

representative of the major infrastructure clients. It has been instrumental in setting a common agenda for

change and supports a programme of activities and applied knowledge transfer across the public and private

sectors. The success of this initiative has been made possible by the continued and valuable support from

industry and academic partners.

PTP were very happy and excited to be consulted as one of the supporters from the industry sharing its knowledge and experience within this field.

The following organisations have contributed to the Alliancing Best Practice document.

By ptpassociates, Dec 3 2014 11:56AM

At 6:00am on the 3rd of November, The Phase 5 commissioning was signed back into use by one of the alliance partners Siemens. This is the 4th major re-signalling commission that GNGE has successfully undertaken and by no means an easy one. The alliance partners were able to achieve an immense amount of work during the blockade period and stuck to very tight deadlines. "It was great to see that when challenging issue arose, alliance partners rallied together to work cohesively and collaboratively in delivering the solutions needed to overcome them" Project Director Niel Lindley said. He goes on to mention "its a true testiment to how far we have come". GNGe now look ahead to thier next challenge of moving into thier stage comissioning within Phase 2, which I am sure will be another success with this experienced Alliance.

Well done from PTP!

By ptpassociates, Oct 29 2014 11:24AM

PTP have started thier online profile to share experiences and news with the world of Collaboration and Alliancing. We hope to learn new things, make new contacts and inturn contribute to and progress our industrustry!

Look for Ces Shaw or PTP associates on LinkedIn

Follow this link https://twitter.com/PTPAssociates or look for @ptpassociates on twitter